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Dr. Elsagav Shaham, MD, OBGYN is a doctor located in Los Angeles, CA, specialties include Gynecology, Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Dr. Elsagav Shaham, MD, OBGYN is a specialist in Gynecology and has been practicing medicine for more than 35 years.  His accomplished surgical skills have allowed him to instruct microsurgical technique to physicians in training.

Dr. Elsagav Shaham specializes in minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Elsagav Shaham, MD, OBGYN has been at the forefront of minimally invasive surgery and has pioneered a number of procedures in including total laparoscopic hysterectomy

Life changes. You thought your family was complete, but now you want more children. Our goal is to help make your dream a reality through tubal reversal.

Tubal reversal is considered the most effective way to become pregnant after a tubal ligation. We can help you become pregnant for a fraction of the cost of in vitro fertilization and with only two visits for tubal reversal. And tubal reversal surgery can produce multiple successful pregnancies.

The doctor you choose is the most important factor in determining your tubal reversal success.Dr. Elsagav Shaham, MD, OBGYN has specialized in tubal reversals for over 30 years, performing thousands of tubal reversal procedures and achieving a very high success rate. His attention to detail and the specialized micro surgical tubal reversal training

Dr. Elsagav Shaham is sensitive to your feelings, perspectives and concerns and he treats all his patients with respect. You deserve special treatment from your doctor, and Dr. Elsagav Shaham, MD, OBGYN and his staff are committed to providing you with this personalized, quality care for your tubal reversal.

Our Success Rate for Tubal Reversal Procedures

Our success is similar to what has been quoted in the medical literature. Many of our patients inquire about our specific success rate. According to published well-designed studies the success rate of tubal reversal approaches 80%. We have not studied our success since most of our patients live elsewhere. The success rate of tubal reversal procedure depends on many factors including surgical technique, age of the patient, the method by which the tubes were tied, the egg quality, and ovarian function. Therefore, despite the best surgical methodology, success cannot be guaranteed since there are so many other factors involved in achieving a normal pregnancy

Insurance Guidelines

Are the costs of Essure Reversal or Essure Reversal operation covered by Insurance?
We accept a variety of insurance carriers and plans. If after Essure Reversal or Essure Reversal for example you are having menstrual irregularities, hair loss, headaches, hemorrhage , pain any of these symptoms discuss it with doctor. Your Insurance could cover medically necessary portion of your procedure.
You may submit information regarding your insurance carrier to our Patient/Insurance coordinator department. Our staff without cost to you will verify your insurance coverage and determine if your insurance covers the procedure.

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i would just like to say thank you for surgery. 1 year after i had my tubal reversal. we tried again and unfortunately it was a tubal pregnancy which was about 2 weeks ago, so we thank god for our little miracle isaac. thank you again.

Amber Macias

This is Alexis ….. thanks to the tubal reversal your office performed for me she is now a thriving 8 months old I i have a feeling i would of had gotten pregnant not to long after my surgery but my husband ended up getting deployed overseas for 9 months shortly after the procedure. Once he came hom it only took 6 weeks for me to become pregnant. Thank you.